Monday, July 5, 2010

Calling The Maker by Aimee Allen

Because I adore you like no other,
&&I don't know what'll be me 
if you weren't around either.

We dream at the top of our lungs, and sometimes these dreams/screams might just get lost in translation. Stop in your tracks, take a deep breath and clear your head. Reevaluate (aren't you Finance freaks are good at that?) why you're doing what you're doing, and adjust your reasons for those ambitions. Then take another deep breath (though I'd rather highly suggest a nice long drag of a cigarette) and get back on track. If all hope is lost, forget the risk and take the fall. So long as it's what you want, you know it'll be worth it all. You know that manna you were rambling on to me about at 5 in the am about? That elixir that gives wizards strength to do magic? :) You're my manna. You're my magic. So be like Albus Dumbledore, pull up your socks and be a man! He's my man :)

Just for the record, you could be unemployed, cellulite-y on the thighs, hairy on yo ass and smell like my cat's bum after she takes a clumpy dump, butt you'd still be the best option for any man's daughter. Just putting it out there.

As Def Poetry Jam sings it;
You have to believe in something or you're just a rythmless void.

Iloveyou, couz.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

you're crashing but you're no wave - fall out boy

men who can't conceal emotions are powerless.

ive been busy being too pissed off

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Road Trippin' by RHCP

Don't you just love
how I share the finer things in life with you? :)

Saturday, April 17, 2010

ben - jackson 5

Before I start off, I would like to thank god, for keeping daddy in the pink of health and keeping him away from harm always. Also, a big thank you to daddy’s dearest buddies and band mates, uncle lawrence, uncle colin and gang, thank you for coming all the way to join us as we celebrate his big 60.

What made great men? Was it having a killer right swing? Or having to sleep 27 years in a jail cell? Or do you have to be the finest investor, to be a great man?

No, my father didn’t fight like Mohammed Ali, nor did he join the brawl against aparteid like Mandela, or was he any good at investing, like warren (buff-it)buffett. Yet in so many ways, my father resembles these great people.

Daddy, for those of you who have not noticed yet, is a simple man.

I wasn’t born with a silver spoon, nor with a spoon for that matter, but my hardships are nothing against the hardships that my father went through in order to get me to where I started. He wasn’t as lucky as I am. He’s clothes were hand-downs, so were his shoes.ive got levi’s on me. He had to cycle from old klang road all the way to sungai way just to earn a living. I had a van pick me up from my doorstep to my school. He sometimes didn’t have food on his platter. I had sambal petai sotong yesterday. daddy studied till form 3, im doing my degree now. When I was in high school I remember mummy telling me daddy only ate digestives for lunch during work, just to save that extra money we could use for groceries. And here we are, complaining about the devil curry not salty enough, and why the ambiller not sour enough.

My father is 60. He now owns a house, and two cars. He’s sent my sister and I for a tertiary education and will do the same for my brother. He has three grandchildren who absolutely adore him, nephews and nieces who admire him, friends who highly regard him, and a wife who never left him. So how does a simple man, with not much of an education accomplish such greatness?

Daddy always told me to persevere, as did mohammed ali. Don’t quit son, suffer now and reap the fruits in the future. It’s ok son, part and parcel of life, suffer a bit more and you will live to be a champ, suffer abit more and you will live a better life than daddy. His word stung like bees. My father gave me the greatest gift anyone could ever give me, he believed in me.

He always reminded me to be humble. Remember your roots son. Respect your lecturers’ son. Kiss their feet if that is what it takes. I hate my lecturers. I shout back and point ugly gestures at them when they’re not looking.

Daddy was thrifty. He’d only spend on things that were necessary. He believed in buying things that were of more value than its price. In other words, second hand items. He never wastes, food especially. He was the bandaraya of the house.

Daddy taught me to practice patience. As the great warren buffett said “no matter how great the talent or effort, some things just take time.” Daddy said “son, she is your mother.”

When it came to women, daddy told me “son, when it comes to choosing your other half, make sure she is the one you want to wake up to every morning.” He also said “whenever you get into a fight with a woman, don’t bother fighting back. They always win. God created the world and it was perfect. Why you think god created eve last? Because he didn’t want advice while making it.”

Not just his words made me who I am, but he taught me through example. He didn't tell me how to live; he lived, and let me watch him do it.

Dad, your sixty already. And I just turned 21. I don’t have a degree yet, nor do I have a job. I can’t buy you things, or send you and mum places. I can’t drive you around cuz mummy keeps yelling at the back seat. But this I promise you dad, I will accomplish greatness. I will educate my children the way you have, I will guard my siblings the way you have, and I will love my wife as you have.

"dad I will always be
that same boy who stood by the sea
and watched you tower over me
now I'm older I wanna be the same as you"

Dad, you're someone to look up to no matter how tall I've grown, your guiding hand on my shoulder will remain with me forever.

Ladies and gentlemen, my father may not be remembered as a great man in history books and magazines, but he is, unquestionably the greatest father a man could ever ask for. Even a fool can be a father. But it takes a great man to be my dad.

I love you daddy.

Happy birthday.